The Glacier

The "le Florida" Brasserie, a well known address in Toulouse, is located on the famous Place du Capitole. Its Grand Café style, neoclassical architecture and period stained glass skylight, make it a charming place to enjoy an ice-cream created by Philippe Faur.

In 2005, the Philippe Faur highly contemporary design boutique opened its doors.

Come and try the legendary "Capitolum" or "Sophie craquante" - unless the "Show colate" tempts your chocolate lover’s heart!

Our own Creations


Le Glacier

Our ice creams

  • Bowl 3 flavours 7,50
  • Bowl 2 flavours 5,50
  • Bowl 1 flavour 3
  • Coffee Scoop
    Expresso & an ice cream of your choice
  • Bambino
    Choice of 2 flavours
  • Ice creams
    Coffee, Calisson (icing topped sweet pastry), Caramel, (Fleur de sel : fine sea salt butter), Dark Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Gianduja "Nutella" (sweet Chocolate & Hazelnut spread), Creamy soft cheese, Chestnut with glazed Chestnut flakes , Coconut, Hazelnut, Nougat with Nougat flakes, Pistachio with Pistachio flakes, Licorice, Rum-Raisin, Speculoos (spicey shortcrust biscuit), Vanilla, Violet, Yogurt
  • "Whole fruit" sorbets
    Banana, Blackcurrant, Mint chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Kiwi, Mango, Blood Orange, Passion fruit, Peach, Pear, Granny Smith Apple

Our own creations 9€

  • Sophie Craquante
    Sweet peanuts, Nougat ice cream and Hazelnuts, whipped cream, Nougatine flakes
  • Ballad à Aix
    Biscuit, Calisson (icing topped sweet pastry) and Nougat ice cream, Blood Orange sorbet, Calisson (icing topped sweet pastry) with Mandarin syrup
  • Pear Belle Hélène
    Almond wafer-thin biscuit, Vanilla & Caramel ice cream, semi-crystallised Pear, whipped cream, Caramel sauce, Nougatine flakes
  • Mont blanc
    Almond wafer, Chestnut ice cream with Chestnut flakes and Vanilla, cream of Chestnut with rum, Chantilly cream
  • Florida
    Fruit salad, Orange Chocolate ice cream and yoghurt, Strawberry sorbet, Chantilly cream, Red Fruit sauce, Nougatine flakes
  • Exotique
    Fruit salad, Lemon, mango, blood orange, passion & Kiwi sorbets, Chantilly cream
  • Dame blanche
    Biscuit, Vanilla and Hazelnut ice cream, Chantilly cream, Chocolate sauce, flaked Almonds
  • Citron Colonel
    Semi-crystallised Lemon slices, Lemon sorbet, Vodka
  • Show colat
    Fruit salad, Dark Chocolate ice cream, Orange-Chocolate, Mint-Chocolate sorbet, Chantilly cream, Sour Cherries & mini Dark Chocolate bar
  • Café ou Chocolat Liégeois
    Coffee or Chocolate sauce, Coffee or Dark Chocolate ice cream, Chantilly cream
  • Banana Split
    Biscuit, Banana, Vanilla ice cream and Dark Chocolate, Strawberry sorbet, Chocolate sauce, Chantilly cream

Our special treats

Available from 11am.

  • Gourmet coffee
    Pâtisserie, Vanilla ice cream, Chantilly cream & Espresso
  • Profiteroles 9,90
  • Crepe with sugar 3,90
  • Crepes
    Toppings : Nutella, Honey, Chocolate sauce, Cream of Marron, Jam (Strawberry, Peach, Apricot or Currant Jelly)
  • Crepes
    Choice of toppings : Banana & Nutella, Banana & hot Chocolate sauce
  • Crepes
    Choice of toppings : Belle Hélène (Pear in syrup and hot Chocolate sauce), Grand Marnier
  • Milkshake
    Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate or Banana
  • Waffle with sugar 3,90
  • Waffles
    Choice of toppings : Nutella, Honey, hot Chocolate sauce, cream of Chestnut, Jam (Strawberry, Peach, Apricot or Currant jelly)

Extra Chantilly Crepes and Waffles 1€

Our desserts

  • Le Florida
    Light caramelised Milk mousse, Crème brûlée and Raspberry, soft Pistachio biscuit
  • Le Royal
    Grand cru Chocolat Mousse, caramelised thin wafer and Chocolate biscuit
  • Délice Framboise
    Light Raspberry mousse, Mango heart and Almond biscuit, Speculoos (spicey shortcrust biscuit)
  • Banofee
    Crunchy Speculoos (spicey shortcrust biscuit), Banana, Banana liqueur whipped cream, sweetened creamed Milk
  • Tiramisu 6
  • Crème brûlée
    (Custard topped with caramelised sugar) made on the premises
  • Rice pudding
    with Vanilla Bourbon
  • Fresh fruit salad
    (Only in summer)
  • Chocolate Pear Crumble
    (Only in winter)